AMIC profile

A 420-kilometer railway and Canada’s largest private port

CDF_Longs trainsArcelorMittal Infrastructure Canada G.P. (AMIC) is a private company that operates rail and port facilities for the hauling, handling and shipping of iron ore concentrate and iron oxide pellets for ArcelorMittal Mining Canada G.P. (AMEM).

AMIC has a 420-kilometer world class railroad as well as an impressive list of rolling stock to carry the 26 million metric tons of concentrate produced at Mont-Wright to Port-Cartier.

This town is where the company port is located – it is the largest private port in Canada for the volume handled. Port facilities are equipped with powerful handling facilities – 8.3 kilometers of conveyors and six wharfs where around 450 ships a year dock. Two wharfs are reserved for the shipping of AMEM iron ore products and the others are used for the transhipment of bulk products.

ArcelorMittal Infrastructure Canada G.P. has around 700 regular employees and sixty or so seasonal workers. Its railroad is a reference in North America and its port facilities are much appreciated by shipping companies.