Remarkable properties

ArcelorMittal Mining Canada G.P. (AMEM) produces over 26 million metric tons of iron ore concentrate a year, 10 million of which are transformed into iron oxide pellets. The Company is one of the main Canadian suppliers of iron ore products for the national and global steel market. It sells its concentrate and pellets to Europe, North America and South America and Asia.

Recognised by steel companies worldwide, AMEM products have remarkable chemical and physical properties. Thanks to the flexibility of its concentration and pelleting processes, the Company is able to tailor its production to the specific requirements of customers.

To ensure the quality of its products, AMEM is supported by the engagement of its employees and the ISO 90001 quality management system. Continuous improvement of products, procedures and processes means that steel firms are assured of near-perfection conformity on a regular basis.

From us to your home

Cutlery, automobiles, hammers, bikes and even computers contain steel, a metal produced from iron ore products such as those produced by ArcelorMittal Mining Canada G.P.

The company mainly supplies its concentrate and pellets to steel manufacturers that cast steel into blocks, bars or billets, etc. In turn, these products are transformed into various shapes: rails, structures, sheets, welding wire, etc.

After the transformation chain, a host of consumer goods containing iron can be seen in the places we visit and objects we handle every day. So it’s likely there is a little piece of us in your home!