The port

Around 170 people work in this sector of AMIC, their main jobs being the handling and shipping of concentrate and iron oxide pellets produced by ArcelorMittal Mining Canada G.P.

When the trains of concentrate arrive at Port-Cartier, they are unloaded by the double tipper that upturns two wagons at a time, without detaching them. Depending on current needs, products may be directed by conveyor to three destinations: the port for loading onto a ship, the plant for transformation into pellets or to the concentrate storage area.

The concentrate storage area, with a capacity of 2 million metric tons, is equipped with a powerful stacker that can stack or retrieve the product at a speed of 8,000 metric tons an hour.

Employees in the sector also manage the pellet storage area that has a capacity of up to 1.7 million metric tons. The area is equipped with a stacker to pile up the pellets and a bucket wheel to retrieve them. These machines have a capacity of 4,000 and 7,000 metric tons an hour, respectively.

Great care is taken with the stacking and retrieval of products. One of the issues at stake is to avoid cross-contamination between various types of concentrate and pellets to preserve their own specific quality and specifications.

A network of underground and overhead conveyors is used to handle the products, taking them to one of the two ship loaders that fill holds at a rate of 8,000 metric tons an hour. The port, built into the rock at the mouth of the Gulf of Saint-Laurent, can be accessed all year round and has five wharfs:

  • two are reserved solely for the shipment of concentrate and pellets
  • the others are for the incoming raw materials used in the production of pellets and are rented out to Port-Cartier Silos for the transhipment of cereals from Western Canada.

AMIC has two tugs to accompany ships in and out, as well as services for the crews of boats anchored offshore.

Port-Cartier’s port facilities have an annual shipment capacity of over 24 million metric tons of iron ore products. They offer a highly efficient transhipment service and are much appreciated by shipping companies.