In the country of giants

Whether in Mont-Wright or Port-Cartier, AMEM and AMIC facilities give an impression of a gigantic scale.

  • The Mont-Wright stock of mining equipment is impressive in itself. It includes: 11 drills, 13 shovels, three high-capacity loaders and fifty or so production trucks.
  • Thirteen of our production trucks can contain 400 metric tons of ore. We are the first to use them in Québec. There are 19 steps to be climbed to reach the cab of the vehicle which is 7.5 meters high (15.7 meters when the dumpster is raised), 9.7 meters wide and 15 long. Its tank contains up to 3,800 liters of fuel, while its six tires measure 4 meters in diameter and each weigh 5.5 metric tons.
  • Our most powerful shovels can fill 400-metric ton trucks with three or four bucketfuls. Their buckets have a capacity of 60 cubic yards (verges) and when fully extended are 24 meters in length and 20 high.
  • At the concentrator, the grinder commissioned in 2013 has a nominal annual capacity of 8 million metric tons, the equivalent of three of the six initial grinders. Driven by two 10,000 horsepower engines, this immense barrel that turns on itself is close to 11 meters in diameter.
  • The six grinders in the Port-Cartier pellet plant each contain 450 metric tons of pellets. They are 10.4 meters long by 5.2 meters high.
  • Our 160-wagon trains of concentrate measure 1.7 kilometers.
  • In 2015, AMIC ran 3,652 trains: 1,762 with concentrate, 1,518 with raw ore, 130 with timber, 100 with goods, as well as 52 passenger trains.
  • The conveyor network at AMIC’s handling and shipping facilities is a total of 8.3 kilometers long.
  • One ship loader weighs 8,300 metric tons. As for the concentrate stacker, it only weighs 1,500 metric tons.
  • From one year to the next, 490 ships pass through the port of Port-Cartier, from lakers to Capesize bulk carriers.