ArcelorMittal Fund

In 2007, in addition to donations, sponsorships and grants, we set up the ArcelorMittal Fund. Once a year, organisations in Fermont, Port-Cartier and surrounding areas are invited to submit projects of an environmental or community nature. A consultative committee made up of local players decides how the Fund is to be attributed (it is adjusted annually according to the market situation). The budget envelope is split equally between Fermont and Port-Cartier and surrounding areas.  In addition, the committee grants a discretionary amount to a project of an outstanding nature.

Since 2011, 65 projects have been selected and $570,000 invested in the community thanks to the ArcelorMittal Fund.


How to apply

To submit a project, simply prepare a letter of introduction containing the name and full details of the person responsible for the project, a description of the project, the anticipated impact on the community and a budget plan. The deadline for submitting projects is generally around mid-May.

By mail
ArcelorMittal Fund Committee                                                      
C/O Service des Communications et des Affaires publiques
24, boul. des Îles, suite 201
Port-Cartier, Québec G5B 2H3

By email


Selection criteria

In their assessment, members of the ArcelorMittal Fund Committee will ensure that projects:

  • Are developed by people in the districts where ArcelorMittal facilities are located
  • Contribute, in the communities where the company operates, to:
    • improving or protecting the environment OR
    • improving the quality of life
  • Are compliant with current legislation
  • In line with ArcelorMittal orientations.


ArcelorMittal Fund Committee

The committee was set up in 2010 to ensure fair allocation of the sums taken from the Fund. In 2014, its composition was revised to ensure the communities of Fermont and Port-Cartier and the surrounding area were better represented. Each one now has a separate group of deciders, made up of people from various walks of life: the municipal milieu, protection of the environment, Metalworkers union, the native community, socio-family milieu, economic sector, citizens and ArcelorMittal. A non-voting secretary manages the work of members: Mario Martin, a corporate communications consultant.


For any further information, please email