Health, Safety, Well-Being

For AMEM and AMIC, health and safety is a value to achieve excellence and, above all, protect human life.

Health and safety is therefore at the core of all our strategies. Everything has been put in place (daily safety contacts, monthly meetings, a management system in line with “OHSAS 18001: 2007”, policy, standards, measurement indicators, integration, training and resources) to achieve the sole acceptable world class objective: zero injury and illness for employees, contractors and suppliers, visitors and the population.

To prevent injuries and health problems, both companies have developed a Courageous Leadership culture where all members of personnel, irrespective of their level, implement visible leadership and are therefore concerned by their own health and safety and that of their colleagues, entrepreneurs and the community.

In addition to a sound Health and Safety team, AMEM and AMIC have a Health/Well-being Department. They have two medical clinics, a team of doctors and an employee assistance programme available 24/7, open to members of their families.

Every year, several events, conferences and other activities to develop awareness on health, safety and well-being are organised. Finally, we support organisations and participation events that enable children, adolescents and adults to do their favourite physical activities.