Sustainable Development

It is our firm intention to minimize the environmental repercussions resulting from our activities and, at the same time, build up prosperous companies that fully assume their social responsibility.

We have set up an environmental management system that is compliant with the ISO 14001 Standard. It is a corporate management system that covers all ArcelorMittal Mining Canada (AMMC) and ArcelorMittal Infrastructure Canada (AMIC), including full value chain operations, as well as facilities protection services ans administrative services.

Each year, an independent party performs an external audit to confirm our compliance with best practices.

Moreover, by adhering to the Canadian Mining Association’s “Sustainable Mining Development” initiative and its guidelines, we are engaged in an approach based on exemplary practices in many respects.



  • Planning for the eventual closure of sites: an item is set aside in the budget to amass funds for this purpose.
  • The management of mining tailings: we plan for the long term and devote millions of dollars every year to guarantee the quality and stability of tailings sites.
  • Judicious use of water: all our process water is recirculated in closed circuits.
  • Improvement in the quality of water returned to the environment: wastewater is systematically channelled through processing units subject to continuous improvement.
  • Reduction in the use of products affecting the environment: we recycle FSC certified paper and use ecological soap for washing equipment, etc.
  • Improvement in energy efficiency: a department is devoted to this segment and its members collaborate with all sectors to reduce the consumption of fossil energy. We are engaged in a vast regional approach aimed at obtaining the provision of natural gas on the Northern Shore.
  • Reduction in our greenhouse effect gas emissions: concrete research and action is ongoing to improve our performance.
  • Compliant storage of materials and equipment: special attention is paid to the storage of rail sleepers and, whenever necessary, the biodegradation of contaminated ground.

The towns of Fermont and Port-Cartier, where we operate, are at the heart of impressive wild nature. We wish to preserve this natural wealth and its biodiversity, as well as the well-being and health of the people living there.