3- An infrastructure that supports sustainable development


Mining often necessitates the construction and operation of major auxiliary infrastructures. This can transform mining projects into major infrastructure projects.

The auxiliary infrastructure necessary for our mining operations supports a sustainable development and legacy for the communities in which we operate. We seek to develop partnerships to improve the existing infrastructure beneficially for our stakeholders and to participate in the circular economy of steel.

Thematic Goals 2018 shares
Infrastructure Reduce the impact on the environment and the safety of infrastructures
  • Improve safety at the level crossings on the ArcelorMittal railway with our partners
  • Integrate sustainable development criteria into the risk analysis for CAPEX projects
Recycle steel Reuse steel from our obsolete infrastructures to save energy and reduce GHG
  • Recycle our steel during renovation of the railway on ArcelorMittal's facilities and reuse this steel for the creation of new rails.