1- Our employees: Health, safety and quality of life at work


Over the past few decades, the mining industry has seen remarkable progress in management of health and safety. The health and safety performance of ArcelorMittal's mining sector has also achieved great progress in the past few years, together with the progressive and successful deployment of a safety culture defined by our Courageous Leadership in Action program.

We are making sustained efforts to promote the safety and well-being of our employees and our communities, while constantly facing challenges in the creation of a danger-free work environment. We value human life above all.

Thematic Goals 2018 shares
Safety Maintain a healthy and safe work environment by preventing employment injuries and occupational diseases.
  • Eliminate and control major and critical OHS risks.
  • Continue to deepen knowledge and awareness to prevent incidents and occupational diseases
  • Promote visible leadership in OHS
Health and Wellness Actively promote health and wellness to our employees
  • Continue to offer and promote wellness programs adapted to all of our employees
Emergency Preparedness and Security Plans Continuously and efficiently improve our emergency preparedness, security and crisis management plans
  • Annually update our emergency preparedness, crisis management and security plans
  • Conduct simulation drills consistent with the TSM initiative