2- Raw materials that contribute to more sustainable solutions for our customers


Achieving more sustainable lifestyles is a common challenge to which producers and consumers must contribute. A more sustainable future requires new and innovative collaboration on sustainability ambitions, with the company, its customers and its suppliers working in synergy to reduce the environmental footprint of their goods and services. The way raw materials are chosen and processed is an important part of a material's overall footprint.

The raw materials we extract and process, specifically the raw materials necessary for the fabrication of steel, support the creation of products that accelerate the achievement of more sustainable lifestyles. Our products, which are the raw materials of steel, have a positive impact on the processing chain, reducing the negative environmental impacts all along the value chain.

Thematic Goals 2018 shares
Innovation in Processes and Products Ensure that our processes and products are on the cutting edge of innovation through targeted initiatives and investments
  • Invest strategically in research and development efforts, thanks to our Research and Development teams distributed worldwide
  • Optimize our process in the pellet plant to optimize energy use
Product Quality Continuously optimize pellet quality while perfecting our processes and responding flexibly to our customers' demand
  • Continuously improve quality