7- Responsible, reliable and efficient logistics


Many countries ask mining companies to invest in local supply chains to contribute to employment, skills development and economic growth. ArcelorMittal's contribution to what is called local content development is also vital. At the same time, today's increasingly global supply chains are creating growing pressure for companies to show the transparency of their value chain.

We manage our supply chain actively and efficiently, so that our stakeholders can be assured that our suppliers behave ethically and work for compliance with environmental and social standards. We work proactively with our peers to promote the development of multipartite standards, such as the TSM certification program of The Mining Association of Canada.

Thematic Goals 2018 shares
Responsible Procurement Improve our responsible supply chain, particularly in purchasing practices with our suppliers.

Select goods and services offering the best environmental, social and economic performance
  • Optimize our procurement management systems
  • Training, awareness and communication program on responsible procurement for the buyers
  • Engage actively with The Mining Association of Canada for improvement of the TSM certification programs
Local Purchasing Support our local stakeholders with development programs, a local purchasing policy for goods and services and hiring of local labour.

Encourage our suppliers of goods and services to improve their actions in sustainable development.
  • Develop key performance indicators and targets to give preference to local suppliers
  • Develop contractual criteria to reduce environmental impacts