4- Responsible use of resources


Faced with growing global pressure on natural resources, the world is moving from a natural resource consumption model to a circular approach, in which we must reuse resources whenever possible.

The efficient use of resources, through minimization of the waste generated and transported, is associated with maximum reuse of residual materials and minimal disposal. Planning of mining and advanced planning of restoration of our mine sites with our communities are essential to achieve this objective. Our tailings management facilities are managed responsibly according to regulatory requirements, industry standards and the "Towards Sustainable Mining" (TSM) initiative of The Mining Association of Canada. We thus contribute to the continuous improvement of tailings management for the industry as a whole.

Thematic Goals 2018 shares
Innovation in Tailings Management Innovate in our processes for management of our tailings
  • Choose the method of disposal of the fine portion of the tailings
Recycle and reuse water Continuously increase the quantity of materials reused and recycled by our processes
  • Process water recirculation project in Port Cartier
  • Automate the truck washing rooms at Mont-Wright
Waste Management Reduce waste and ensure its adequate disposal
  • Implement the hazardous waste reduction plan