5- Thoughtful use of air, water and soil


Air, land and water are essential resources for our activity, which we share with others. As the world population increases, these resources are subjected to growing pressures. We must use and share them responsibly.

We prevent the harmful effects of our activities on the environment and biodiversity or, if this is not possible, we take all the necessary actions to mitigate and correct them. We continuously and innovatively seek to improve the way we manage these impacts. We adopt measures to reduce emissions in the air, water and soil, including waste generation.

Thematic Goals 2018 shares
Management System Maintain the ISO certifications of our sites
  • Continuously improve our management systems
Compliance Ensure legal compliance and obtain the environmental authorizations within the prescribed deadlines
  • Update our environmental management according to the changes in the federal and provincial regulations
  • Take coherent actions to maintain compliance
  • Obtain authorizations for our projects within the prescribed deadlines
Biodiversity Conserve biodiversity and integrate it into our operating processes
  • Develop our overall biodiversity conservation strategy
  • Collaborate with the wildlife conservation agency to help them in the conservation of certain species
Air, Land, Water Mitigate the environmental impacts of our activities by adopting measures to reduce nuisances and pollution
  • Treatment projects for Mont-Wright mine water and effluents from our Port Cartier facilities
  • Revegetation projects for the Mont-Wright waste rock piles and tailings facility
  • Deploy action plans for reduction of air emissions
Waste Rock Management Manage the waste rock piles to ensure protection of the environment and our employees' health and safety
  • Maintain legal compliance